Your personal webpage with CVmantra (webpage)

Q. What is the webpage on CVmantra?

A. A webpage on CVmantra is your profile page. You can use this webpage to share your information online.

Q. What does my webpage contain?

A. Your webpage contains your personal, professional, academic and other information that you want to display on webpage.

Q. What information is shown on my webpage?

A. All information that you make public will show on your webpage. Same information will be updated on CV as well.

Q. Is my webpage visible to everyone?


Q. How much it cost to create a webpage on CVmantra?

A. It costs Rs. 499. If you subscribe our plan through your college then you will get 50% discount.

Q. How do I change my login information?

A. You can change your login information including username and password from setting option in your profile. You will get OTP on your registered mobile to change/edit details.

Q. What are payment options?

A. Paytm, Internet Banking, Cheque, Cash

CVmantra directs the path of success (Seekers)

Q. How is CVmantra different from other job portals?

A. Most of the job portals are limited to job search and alert but we allow you to register a domain name with your own name. We also allow you to create a personal webpage on CVmantra to look professional and make your own online identity. CVmantra focuses on matching the best companies with top talent. CVmantra partners with many fast growing companies in India. Its easy to use web interface provides the best job search experience to job seekers.

Q. Do I have to pay to create a seeker account on CVmantra?

A. YES. There are two options. You can either book a domain name with your own name and create a website or create a webpage with CVmantra.

Q. How much does CVmantra cost to use?

A. You can use CVmantra two ways. First, by register a domain name with own name and crate a website. It costs Rs. 999. Second, you can create a webpage on CVmantra. It costs Rs. 499.

Q. Can I find a job based on region?


Q. How can CVmantra help me to find a job?

A. CVmantra helps you to find both government and private jobs through mobile alert and email notification.

Q. Can I apply for several jobs?


Q. Who can see my resume and contact details?

A. Everyone can see your CV/resume and details that you make public.

Q. What are job alerts on CVmantra?

A. Job alerts are message notification on mobile and emails that includes the best and latest job opportunities.

Q. Does CVmantra offer career training?