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Why do you need a mentor?


  • Why do you need a mentor?

    • Jun 23, 2018
    • by Admin

    All the famous personalities the world over were mentees at one point of time in their life. And they do credit this fact for their present success.

    The relation between mentor-mentee is the one that has stood the test of time at the workplace and in a personal life. The mentor gives advice, guides, and supports the mentee. The mentor helps sharpen the abilities and skill of the mentee to its best possible level. As part of the Indian culture, we can call it guru-shishya parampara.

    Let us discuss why you need a mentor.

     1. The mentor has a range of experience and wealth of knowledge

    One of the US politicians described mentoring as one who pushes you in the right direction and an ear to listen to when you are in trouble. An experienced mentor has seen more of the world than you. Combining your experience with his, helps you work more smartly and in ways that never occurred to you earlier. The wealth of knowledge that mentor possesses can help you reach your goals faster and thereby shortening the learning curve.

    2. The mentor can inspire professional and personal growth

    Mentors sees to it that you work in a disciplined way and in time bound manner. He/she knows your boundaries and limitations which you cannot set for yourself. One of the greatest significance of the mentor is his/her ability to see further on, which you cannot imagine. He/she will help navigate you towards your destination. A good mentor is the one who will hone your skills, set your priority, strengthen your beliefs and care for your personal growth.

    3. Mentor will guide and encourage all along the way

    He/she has a capability to ignite hope inside you. The existence of mentor is sufficient to make you tougher physically, mentally and emotionally so that you do not get distracted from your path. When you feel distressed and lose all hope, he will support and re-ignite your passion to achieve the goal which was set according to the plan. On achieving intermediate or small goals he/she function as a cheerleader.

    4. Your mentor will see you through your teething troubles

    People have many dream and ideas but they are afraid to convert them into reality. If you want to accomplish those dreams your mentor will help you kick-start it and will see that you pass through that initial stage and carry on. The mentor will provide you with the first push to take the first step that you need disastrously.

    5. The mentor is a keen observer and can detect your shortcomings

    The mentor will analyze you on SWOT basis. He will point out your weaknesses, areas where more effort is required and where there is the scope of improvement which you might not be even aware of. They can think and analyze your faults more than you can think of and in that way you grow and blossom.

    6. A mentor is a priceless gift to you from God

    Over the years of togetherness, the relationship between mentor and the mentee grows organically as time goes by. The mentor is least concerned with the money you get and is there with you throughout his life. He/she will be there to contribute to your growth beyond your imagination. A good mentor is a priceless and unique gift from God in your life.


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