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Video interview – What should you remember?


  • Video interview – What should you remember?

    • Aug 15, 2018
    • by Admin

    As technology progresses and to save time and expenses companies are conducting more video interviews as compared to office interviews or telephonic interviews, for the first screening round. May be your prospective employer knows the benefits of conducting video or remote interviews over the internet than the office or phone interview when the number of applicants is more or from the diverse location.

    Compared to phone interviews, video interviews are more personal and it provides the potential employer with a bigger talent pool at the same time reducing travel costs of the potential employee. It works in favor of both the employer and the job seeker.

    It helps for a better sense of each other’s personality, communicating styles; observe confidence level, expressions, and non-verbal clues (body language) which is not possible in phone interviews.

    The video interview helps the interviewer to know about technological knowledge skills of the interviewee. The job seeker can be evaluated how comfortably he/she is to navigate the technology in a professional setting. If the interview is for the vacancy of a computer programmer, web developer, or software engineer than it becomes more significant.

    Discussed below are few tips which can make a big difference for the job seekers with their next video interview which may land him/her a job.

    Environmental Setting

    The job seeker should see to it that the computer/laptop is located in a quiet place. There should not be noise disturbance from the loud volume of TV, music, vehicle traffic, pets, mixer, too many people talking loud, etc.

    In the camera when you view yourself see for the background. Keep it tidy and presentable to the viewer. As regarding lighting, the room should be sufficiently illuminated. If you feel the light source is insufficient you can use light in such a way that it falls it on your face, it should not come from behind you.

    Video quality

    The quality of video depends upon the features of a camera. Check the quality of your video to see how your face appears on your monitor, or check it out on your friend's system. If the quality is poor you can borrow from your friend or hire one for the interview.

    Audio quality

    During the interview, it is very important that what you speak is clearly and easy heard by the interviewer. As unclear voice can create confusion and interviewer may misunderstand what you say or you may have to repeat things over and over again. Using an external microphone improves audio quality and does not pick up unwanted sounds or echo from the speakers. Even you will have to adjust the volume so that both can hear each other clearly and sufficiently loudly.

    See that whatever you speak is clear, adjust your voice volume and if possible do not speak in a hurried manner. Speak slowly, word by word as you will be speaking over the internet which is not the same as speaking on the phone. There is a time delay between your speaking and when the interviewer hears.

    Internet speed

    The speed of internet connection does matter. Check for the speed of internet connection through tool available. Check for the speed of the internet for a few days ago at the time of the day when your interview is to be conducted.

    Interviews will be mostly conducted during office hours. If you get insufficient speed during those hours you can opt for giving interview through your local cybercafé where it gives better speed. The other way is quitting unnecessary applications that are running on your system (most of them in the background) that are occupying space on your bandwidth.

    Apart from these things you keep a glass of water near you, wear a smile as far as possible, be cheerful, keep a phone close by, mute your mobile as someone may call up which will distract your interview. If you are giving interview be sure to see up which time zone the interviewer is in (if he is from a different country).


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