• Top ten most common resume myths

    • Aug 03, 2017
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    The resume is the key factor or reflection of your skills that express your personality in front of an interviewer in positive or negative manner and helps them to verify your skills and characteristics. This resume includes all records of a professional and academic background of your entire life. The possibility of finding a desirable job can increase with well-formatted resume, but a bad resume can equally reduce your chances to get a job. A poorly drafted resume will not list you for the interview means you have decreased a lot of good opportunities from your door.

    Therefore before proceeding for the interview, here you should read some resume myths, which need to be dismissed to find a job to move forward.

    1. Qualification is the most significant

    It is a misconception that your qualifications are essential in your resume. Apart from this, you may have many other skills that are equal to your qualifications and which may probably give you the job opportunities in your favorite field. Also stay away from the misconception that highlighting your qualifications can help you for getting the job.
    If your qualification is not worth the job and still you come in this misunderstanding and highlight it then sometimes, it can be become your weak points by hiding your strong skills, which may reduce the chances of getting a job.

    2. Resume should be attractive

    There is no doubt that your resume should be well-formatted, presentable and all the information mentioned in it should be comprehensible. If we talk about whether the resume should be eye catching or attractive then you do not need to do additional efforts like the use of highlighters, ornamental writing, calligraphy or stylish fonts to make it pretty and attractive. It will look totally disgusting.

    A well-arranged content and the accurate formatting of resume with the use of normal fonts like Times New Roman or Aerial will be sufficient for the interviewer. Here, the interviewer only captures your skills, strengths and achievements to decide whether you fit or not in the job.

    3. Resume should contain every detail

    It is not important that you have to fill everything about your schooling and college from day first to the last day that you have done during this period, what you have scored and what you have learned. Even the information about the experience related to the applying job is adequate. Try to keep it short and clean with the required information that makes you the perfect fit for the job.

    4. Additional curricular activities do not matter

    There are a number of creative professions for career options, only textbook knowledge does not enough in such profession. In such a situation it would be very wrong to keep in mind that additional curricular activities do not matter.

    Today, employers also search for extracurricular activities that you mentioned in your resume. These days, employers are searching for additional activities along with the ability to use them in the creative professions. Therefore, if you have all the external curricular activities in accordance with the company's requirements then do not forget to show it in your resume.

    5. Use the same resume for every job

    It generally does not work to get every kind of job, because with the different jobs, there can be a different job profile and different requirements for it. In such cases, it is difficult to get a job on the single resume. It can only work if your desire for the job is decided and your skills suits with every company’s needs. The employer can easily judge that how much efforts you have made to prepare your resume.

    6. Keep grade point average

    Yes, if you have a high GPA then you can mention it. It may be work to reflect your skills as a recent college graduate with limited work experience. Even most of the employers don’t give more preference on it.

    7. Resume should be one page

    A resume is allowed to have two pages because having one page cannot be enough to mention your powerful skills and strengths with important details of your education and work experience that may be required for the current job position.

    8. Must have a strong objective

    According to time, the market and its needs change. Therefore it is difficult to create a fixed objective. If you have a specific objective, then you have to implement it in the same direction.

    9. White lies are accepted

    Honesty is the great and the only policy that reflects your personality. A resume is a real fact of your work experience. Therefore, always try to mention all about your work experience and academic education. Always avoid doing decorate or exaggerates your accomplishments and responsibilities. Because employers evaluate the integrity and show that you are honest and candid in all your interactions. Many companies also use outsiders to verify details of prospective employees.

    10. Mention entire work history

    If you have work experience of many years and you have worked in the excessive field then you can definitely leave selective things which you do not need to describe. Same thing applied for an internship if you do not feel sure to mention or it is not required to mention then don’t need to mention. It will show unnecessary impact.  


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