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Should you include a cover letter in job application?


  • Should you include a cover letter in job application?

    • Oct 19, 2017
    • by Admin

    You are the best judge whether the cover letter is required along with your resume or not. But many people believe that the strategically targeted cover letter is the most important weapon that you need to fight this battle and to win it. It helps to show your interest, quality and give reasons to the employer to decide why they should hire you. Experts believe that it can help you to show your transparency and stand out among thousands of other candidates. Let's know what the important reasons for using it are.

    Reasons to include a cover letter in your job application

    1. Highlight significant keywords

    Ideally, if asked, the job applicants should attach the cover letters in the personal appointment. In this cover letter, one should include specific keywords aligned in the job posting. Always keep in mind that does not repeat the keywords that you have already highlighted on your resume. Try to show your interest in it and tell your story about why and how you are the perfect fit for this role. Your cover letter should be free from typing errors and wrong information because good employer often relies on these details so that they can evaluate your ability with the follow instruction and ethical policies.

    2. Share your story how you fit in the required role

    The significant thing about the cover letter is that you can demonstrate your ability by how you are a better candidate for the advertised job. On cover letter, you can share your job experiences, your skills that you have gain from your past job that matches to the required position. Here you can share your private stories that connect you with the job you are applying. It’s just a simple path, which helps to describe your personality and skills, which are perfect for the job. 

    3. How your role can impact company’s culture

    There are many roles in smaller companies that can have a major impact on the organization's culture. Therefore, the hiring manager sometimes uses cover letters to find out whether the applying candidate is a good candidate for the company and is a team player, how good the applying candidate would fit for the role and mission of the company.

    4. Addressing your gaps or shortcomings

    A cover letter gives you the opportunity to tell your own story on your own terms and in the best way possible. Leaving nothing to guess for employers regarding incomplete degree or irregularities in employment or frequent changes in job or any other gaps

    Proofread before uploading/posting

    When writing the cover letter, tell the story of your career in your own way, keeping it short and sweet, so as to capture the attention of hiring manager. Do remember to edit and proofread your cover letter and resume before uploading/posting and see it that you are not making a silly mistake which can cost you in future job.


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