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    • Jul 19, 2017
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    SWOT Analysis, let me clear first, what is its mean. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. A SWOT analysis is a method used to identify internal strengths, weaknesses, external opportunities and threats. You can use this tool for your assessment, comparison against your counterparts/competitors and also can use it to find career development opportunities.

    The SWOT analysis is a creative method that can help you to achieve your goals and find out where your career is and where it could go. A SWOT analysis helps you to understand that how to utilize your power or strength and manage your weakness, highlight the opportunities for development and eliminate the dangers/ threats that can prevent you from proceeding in your career.

    How can you identify your strengths, weaknesses, analyzing the opportunities and threats through the SWOT analysis tool? Here we can help you to use this tool. Take a paper and divide it into four parts and named as strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to each section of the paper. Now, fill each part of the paper with the answers to the following questions.


    It is the first step to identify your internal, positive attributes and selling points with answering the following questions. What are your professional qualifications/certifications, education, skills, talent and connections that make you stand out from the rest?

    • What are the professional qualifications/certifications that make you different from your competitors?
    • Do you have expertise in some areas to generate the profit for the organization?
    • What projects have you completed successfully?
    • Do you have positive personality traits?
    • Do you have a strong network of connections with the industry like advertising, marketing and insurance?
    • Which achievement are you most proud of?
    • What are your relevant skills, knowledge, competencies and work experience?
    • What are your enthusiasm, commitment and passion for your field?
    • What are your other strengths, which make you different from others?

    Always try to find out your powerful strength, which makes you different from others and stand you as a big competitor against your peers. Believe me!! It will give you long term benefit in your career.


    The second step but most significant step is to identify weaknesses. The SWOT is mainly used by individuals to evaluate and improve self. Properly identifying weaknesses is the great way to get rid of them. It also makes you ready to answer during an interview or performance review.

    • What are your negative personal characteristics and poor work habits?
    • What is your lack of work experience or relevant experience?
    • What is your lack of education?
    • Do not have any network?
    • Do you have a lack of career direction?
    • Do you have weak professional skills?

    Do not be shy when finding your weaknesses, because proper identification of your weakness and removal of them will help you for a better growth in the career. Every successful person attempts to identify their weaknesses and eliminate them, to lead a successful life.


    Opportunities are uncontrollable external events that come in different shapes and forms. The opportunities can come suddenly without any notice, so here are some things to look before taking the full advantages of it.

    • Are industry trends favorable?
    • Is there raising economy?
    • Is it a specific job opening?
    • What is an upcoming company project, which can benefit you in future?
    • Can you get new skills or expertise to give you a competitive advantage?
    • Is there a new technology trend that you can use in the future?
    • Is the job position in the company match to your skills or not?

    If you get all answers of these questions then this is the best opportunity for the bright career and to lead a successful life. It is a good platform for seeking your strengths by comparing it with opportunity. 


    Threats are also uncontrollable external factors that can work against you and you need to take defensive action against it. To overcome such condition, the SWOT analyze tool is very useful.

    • Is there any change in the market requirements that not suit you?
    • Are you not matching with the changing professional standards?
    • Have your demand diminished?
    • Are new technologies threatening your old technical skills?
    • Are you unprepared for evolving technologies?
    • Do you have the emergence of a competitor, either for your company or for you?
    • As a company decision maker who does not like you and never supports you?

    It is important to identify the threats and try to eliminate as much as you can for your career growth.

    We are pretty sure that this tool will always help you, whenever you will find a new job, consider changing the career or creating a new goal. Simply we can say the SWOT analysis is the tool of success. 


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