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New Year’s Resolution – How to Achieve it?


  • New Year’s Resolution – How to Achieve it?

    • Jan 04, 2018
    • by Admin

    As the New Year begins, people take up a new resolution that they wish to fulfil. A new year, a new beginning and a new resolution.

    Make a list of things that you wish to change and improve in the coming year. Most of the resolutions start on a high note. It is seen that as the year progresses resolutions start fading away and by the end of the year all the resolutions made, come to a standstill.

    Here are few popular and simple resolutions that you can make which will last till the year-end.

    1. Getting a new job

    You may be probably unemployed or underemployed at present and searching for new job. Do a commitment to yourself and good resolution to begin the year with. The first thing is giving your resume a facelift. Read your resume carefully. Ponder over it, what all changes you can make. Can you make it more attractive and to the point? Make necessary changes as early as possible.
    Make a resolution to send at least few job applications per week or per month and stick to it. Keep a record that will help you verify your score on the weekly or monthly basis. Sign up for job alerts on different sites so that you will be constantly getting updates on new vacancies.

    2. Saving/making money

    Money saved is money earned. Another way is increasing sources of generating income. Earning more will help you save more. Make a list where can you cut corners. Stopping wasteful and useless expenses also can help you save money.

    Make a resolution for adding another source of income. You can take up a part-time job to increase your income. Another method is to invest your savings in such a way that in future will be your second source of income. For example from your saving, you can buy a house and put it up on rent. You also can invest in shares which give a regular dividend or you can opt for mutual funds.

    3. Improving work-life balance

    Delegating work to your subordinate is one of the best methods to improve the efficiency of your work. First, you should identify which of your work is unimportant, consuming a lot of time and energy. You will have to put efforts to train your subordinate to perform the work which is consuming a lot of your time. Once the subordinate is trained, in initial phase keep regular eye on the work till you feel that your subordinate is perfectly performing the task.

    You can use saved time to finish your important work with focused attention and during office hours. Saved time can be spent with your family and friends. This will keep you in a happy and good mood which in turn will improve the quality of work-life balance. So make a resolution that you will train one or two your subordinate this year.

    4. Weight control

    A brisk early morning walk and light exercise regularly will make you slim, trim and full of energy to last the whole day. In healthy body resides a healthy mind, so goes the saying. Have a healthy diet, drink sufficient water, and early to bed will help you control your weight. Get up early in the morning irrespective of when you go to bed. Make a resolution, to take a morning walk, a part of your daily routine.


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