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How to push your career forward without changing the present job?


  • How to push your career forward without changing the present job?

    • Jul 25, 2018
    • by Admin

    After a few years in the same job and at the same place, things appear to be stagnant. It feels like your career has come to a standstill. At this point of time many people plan to seek a new job or change in job responsibility or change in job functionality. Job market which is volatile at present, it becomes hard to find a new job with the same or increased salary structure as the opportunities have decreased a lot.

    There are chances that you have outgrown your role and your organization has not. Instead of moving out you should look for ways to get promoted in the same company.

    It is advantageous to stay in the same company and move up ahead on the ladder. Reason for the same is described below.

    • Every time you change a company you have to establish yourself and have to show your talent to new sets of people. In the company where you are working presently they are aware of your talent and skills.
    • There is a feeling of stability in the present setup. No need to get stressed up making long-term plans every time you switch from one company to other.
    • Being in the same company for a considerable period of time your loyalty can be rewarded in form of some personal incentives or profit sharing.
    • You earn respect and trust of your colleagues and boss by proving that you are dependable. There are chances that you may be called upon to mentor your subordinates.
    • Being an old hand and experienced your opinion matters and can positively influence the company’s future direction.

    From the above, it is clear that staying in the same company is advantageous. You will have to find a way how you can grow within the company instead of changing one. One of the ways is to take up some new project and improve upon your skill set and your value within the company.

    There are few ways to identify the areas where you can progress and that suit you.

     1. Involve your boss

    Let your boss know about your development plans by involving him. Explain to him why you need to take up a new challenge. Let him know that you wish to learn new skill sets and want to learn to improve upon existing challenges. Your keenness and eagerness to grow will make a good impression on your boss. So whenever in future he looks for whom to promote, you may be on his list of choice.

    2. Choose the area of your growth according to your liking

    Identify certain projects in your own company that are to your liking. First access your skills, actions, and behavior that will be required to take up the new challenge or task.

    3. Consider new assignment outside the periphery of your job

    Take up any temporary project which is outside of your present functionality or department. See to it that the new project you wish to enter needs a new or additional member. This temporary assignment will broaden your views about the business your company is in and help you gain extra knowledge.

    4. Undertake more challenging responsibilities

    By undertaking more challenging responsibilities, will help sharpen your new skill set and will give you an edge. You can volunteer for a new project whenever it is up for an offer. It will give you a better idea to re-examine your responsibilities and reshape your job, ultimately your career.


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