• How to make a winning career planning?

    • Jul 25, 2017
    • by Admin

    Where are you in your career at present? Are you not fully satisfied with your career? Does your salary and job position not suit your skills? Do you not see any growth in your current job? So there is still no delay, you can make a good planning for your better career.

    There is no specific date and time to make career planning. It can be done anytime and in any situation, whenever you feel to achieve some goal either you are fresher or already an employee. You can make a winning career plan for yourself anytime. It is a regular basis activity, which is very useful for all, especially for them, who change their career multiple times and who do not have any decided career plan.

    Career planning is a continuous process that can help you to manage your learning and development. You can always take a lot of time to achieve your goal and to accomplish this. It is an interesting way of knowing yourselves and running behind it to achieve the desirable goal. For achieving the goal, the direction of every person is different according to their interest. You can start the process of career planning in all these steps:

    Identify yourself and interest

    Before planning a good career, it is the most important to identify yourself that in which field you are interested. What you love most to do. What are your hobbies? Do you have enough skills to achieve your goal? All these things will build your bright career and help you to achieve your goal successfully.

    Reflect on your past

    If you have already worked as an employee then you should reflect your past once more before career planning that what you have achieved in that job. What was your weakness over there? What mistakes have you done there? What changes do you want in your next job that you disliked in your past job or what are skills you have learned, which are beneficial? All these things will help you in building great career planning.

    Grow your network as you can

    It's never too early or it's too late for increasing your network, whether through LinkedIn or the presence in local events in your area. Make your LinkedIn contacts priority. You can offer some advice to others to connect with members of your network which can help them, without expecting anything in return.

    The more you want to increase your network by being generous and honest, the more likely a person can remember you.

    Create a career marketing plan

    This is upon you to start your career as a wonderful venture and present yourself as a reputable asset. Create your own marketing plan to generate discussion and promote your credibility.

    There is a great way to create your best marketing plan, which is to sign up with a site like HARO, where you can get an alert from the journalists who are looking for expert quotes and inputs for their latest publications. They can add a press clip about you. A quote in a respected publication linked with your LinkedIn profile or online portfolio can help you to achieve your career goals.

    Make a commitment

    What kind of commitment are you prepared for yourself and your career? If you are interested in sitting around and want to make big changes, which you had not gotten in your past career then create a new resolution to take action, to train yourself. Invest in coach, training or classes. Spend money on yourself, whether through career counseling or upgrading by laptops.

    Note your goals

    It's a great, successful and simple way to achieve the set goal. Just write down your goal and then make the best strategies to achieve it by taking action on it. This will always help you in planning your winning career. It works well in every field.


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