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How to get a desirable job with a solid salary?


  • How to get a desirable job with a solid salary?

    • Jul 19, 2018
    • by Admin

    People wish to change job for the variety of reasons. It could be being unhappy with the current job, more money, want to relocate to some big city which has more opportunities, at the most a complete change in their career. Whatever be their main criteria, the ultimate aim of the change of job they should consider these factors a) align who you are b) the impact one can make on the world and c) making more money than at present.

    The goal may be tough to achieve but not impossible. People do struggle at time to find a right balance. It is possible for everyone irrespective of the age, industry/sector to work in or desirable field.

    Here are a few tips to get a desirable job with a solid salary.

     1. Be clear about what you want to achieve

    Make a list of what you really want to achieve. Like which career you like the most, your main intention to choose from career, money or fulfilling desire, your passion, etc. whatever you decide, whatever you are good at. You should remember, your core values are your key to start with. Many times, it has seen that jobseekers are unable to decide, should they immerse or engage with some sort of action. You can go for networking groups and ask them to explain their jobs functionality to you. You can also go through peoples profile in LinkedIn and find people whose career you admire. Many a time it so happens that we are stuck up in the job just because we have to pay bills or feel the certain type of pressure to follow the present path. By doing so we lose sight of what we really wish to achieve or what we are really good at.

    2. Plan your things

    Once you are clear about what you want to do or which career you want to follow, start planning. Plan to consult various professionals on your way. Meet those individuals who are in the same line of work you are planning to move ahead in. Have a mentor who will guide you, coaches that will help you. With a clear-cut plan in place, it will dispel your worries that you may have regarding pursuing your dream job.

    3. Do not worry about your failures

    It is normal to worry about the potential risk you may face while changing job. Everybody is worried about an uncertain future. The uncertainty is usually centered on the financial aspect before finding a new job. Salary is an important component which motivates every job seeker. In a survey, it was seen that higher salary was one of the most motivational factors of 65 percent of job seekers, for switching job.

    We all have a regular expense to take care of and when one gets better salary things do get a bit easy and comfortable. What is the point if you are not satisfied with your current job and not doing work that your heart desires? Most of us are stuck with the job just for salary and that trend is now shifting to doing desired and likable jobs and not just salary. Nearly three fourth of the people responded that they are doing the work they enjoy and it is more important to them than the salary that they are drawing. What if you have the best of both worlds i.e. dream work and solid salary? You can do that. Don’t let your fear of failure hold you, hostage, anymore.



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