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How should you proofread your resume?


  • How should you proofread your resume?

    • Jun 13, 2018
    • by Admin

    The first impression is half work done so goes the saying. Once you are finished with writing resume it is better to give a careful final proofreading. A neat and clean resume without typing mistakes, spelling errors and grammatically mistakes enhances your chances of getting a job. If you know how to edit and proof-read your resume you can catch silly errors and improve the look of your resume. Below discussed are few tips which will help you to improve the quality of your resume.

     1. Preparing yourself for proofreading

    Proofreading requires your complete concentration and time. So see to it that when you are proofreading your resume there is no distraction of any type and have sufficient time to go through your resume word by word.

    If possible edit your resume when you are fresh i.e. after a good night’s sleep. Writing and proofreading should be done in different time frames like you write your resume by evening and edit it the next morning will be better.

    There are many tools available on the internet to check spelling and grammatical mistakes in your resume. Though you cannot rely on it 100 percent still it is worth it.

    Font selection and font size should be such that the resume is clearly readable without much effort. It is better to go in for simple and attractive fonts in place of over stylish fonts.

    2. Proofreading procedure

    It is better to take out one hard copy instead of proofreading your resume on the screen. You can use a colored pen (except black) to mark the changes that you want such those changes can be easily identified.

    Read one word at a time as this provides a more tactful approach to reading. It may sound slow but is actually not.

    First read your resume silently and later on aloud. Though it may seem embarrassing at first it will draw your attention to awkward phrases in your resume and misspelling if any. Just as you stumble on words so will the reader of your resume.

    By printing out your resume in different fonts you will come to know which font is eye-catching, stylish and simple to read. Before changing fonts it will be better if you copy the text somewhere and make changes in the copied file so your original draft remains intact and saved.

    Two letter words like or, of, it, is, on, no, etc. alphabets often get interchanged. Read your resume carefully.

    ”There” and “their” have a different meaning, also you can get confused with they’re, you’re and things like that.

    Tenses like possessive tense, verb tense can have a bad impression on the resume reader.

    Be consistency in use of standards like capitalization, punctuation, spacing, bullets etc. End each line with a full stop.

    Word choice should be such that it is easier to understand. If you have typed your resume in word format you can look up for synonyms and choose the correct and easy word from the options available. Use more of active verbs than passive ones.

    If the resume has to be emailed then you can use the hyperlink for your email or your website URL where ever you have mentioned resume in a word file. This will help the reader to contact you with just one click of the mouse.

    It is not possible to catch all errors in one sitting. In the first round of reading go for spelling errors, in the second you can go in for consistency of verb tense, in the third round you can go for fonts, line and paragraph spacing and things like that.

    3. Take help from family and friends

    You will probably not know your own mistakes. You can take help of your family members or friends. Give them hardcopy to read and analyze your resume. They will be more objective in evaluating how sensible or insensible your resume is.

    Once you have modified sentences or words or corrected grammar or other mistakes you will have to go back and double check those sections, do they fit correctly when modified? Re-proof read it finally.


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