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How can you prepare yourself emotionally and mentally for the first day at work?


  • A good impression is half work done and may last quite long. You need to make a good impact on the first day of your work. Many people are excited and many are nervous with lots of questions in their mind. If you are going to join, remember to put your best foot forward. Here are few things that will dry up your nervousness and cool down your anxiety level.

     1. Prepare self-introduction

    You may have to introduce yourself to your colleagues on the first day. So rehearse your lines pretty well. You may get an opportunity to meet a few higher-ups in your office. While introducing yourself see to it that you do not talk too loud or too inaudible. The introduction should not be too lengthy; it should not be over 2 to 3 minutes. You can check for the time limit when rehearsing it in front of the mirror.

    2. Dress professionally

    Dressing professionally will make you excited on the first day of your work. Your colleagues and staff will be impressed by the way you carry yourself and that will make a right impression. You can check beforehand how your company prefers their staff to be dressed - business casual, casual or business professional. If you have a doubt, then dress in formals.

    3. Keep a safe distance from office gossip

    Do not indulge in office gossip or rumors as it can hamper your growth as an employee. Gossip reveals your level of thinking and also distasteful. If your colleagues form a group around you and gossip better take a coffee break or go and have some water. If asked for your opinion politely decline to discuss further or just smile it off. By being less talkative and silent for the first few days is a better option.

    4. Calculate commuting time

    Check for the commuting time that you will require. Keep a buffer of 15 -20 minutes for some unwanted delays. To track traffic on the route, you can use various available mobile applications. If possible you can use a carpooling option which will also help you break the ice with existing employees during your travel.

    5. Be organized when you work

    You will come in contact with many people who will be team members or group across the departments. You can jot down questions you wish to put up, make a relevant to-do list, names and positions held of persons you are introduced to etc. Display your eagerness to attend different orientation sessions or training. You can keep a small diary or notepad.

    6. Observe the company culture

    Every company has an inbuilt culture, some are open and others are not. Observe it carefully and you will get an idea of how things are. Avoid loud and personal conversations on phone. Keep mobile on silent mode if possible. It is better to keep a low profile for the first couple of few weeks and respect everyone, whether they deserve or not. Try to understand the office environment first.

    7. Make friends with at least one person

    Try to connect with at least one team member who will help you learn the ropes. Being in a new role and responsibility can be stressful. Befriending someone will help ball rolling from the first day. You can also help that person in the area of your expertise.

    8. Face the situation coolly and calmly

    On the first day, you may be full of different emotions. You may be feeling excited, stressed, and nervous, etc. at different times or while meeting different persons. Control yourself and stay calm and composed. Take a deep breath in and out whenever you feel the situation is going out of control or not in your favor.


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