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How To Prepare Yourself For Answering Employment Gap Questions?


  • How To Prepare Yourself For Answering Employment Gap Questions?

    • May 03, 2018
    • by Admin

    Many job seekers do not prepare for questions asked about employment gap by the prospective employer. It is the unemployment time period between leaving one job and going for other. There are chances that your prospective employer while going through your bio data may or may not notice.

    Many job seekers do not have real answer of it and make mistake while answering it. Many give a lame excuse which the potential employer does not accept. If you prepare for such a question in advance it can make things easy for you.

    So what is the best way to answer such a question? The best thing is to have self-confidence and positive attitude while answering. It will be only then you will able to convince and assure interviewer that no matter employment gaps did exist, but your skills and qualification have not diminished and you are fit as a fiddle to take up given responsibilities.

    You should never let the interviewer think and feel that you have applied for the current job out of frustration or desperation. There can be many different reasons for you being out-of-work. Below given are few suggestions which you can come up with depending on your personal situation.

     1. A situation when you have been laid off by the employer

    It is one of the most difficult cases to answer and it becomes more aggravated when a lot of time period has passed. If you have applied for the job in a different field from your last one you can simply answer that you were taking time to re-accesses available job options or getting re-trained for the job in another field.

    It may be an effective answer or approach to the question asked. Discuss your strength and how you can fit in the job you have applied for.

    Sometimes it so turns out that discussing lay-off can be tricky. You can directly address in your cover letter about the financial problem the industry was facing when you were last working or you can say financial problems have caused the former company to downsize its staff.

    2. A situation when you have been unemployed voluntarily

    The potential employer will have no negative perception if you say that you were voluntarily unemployed. The reasons for leaving your last job can be anything. It can be that you wanted to relocate in a city which has more job opportunities or your parent were ill and you had to nurse them or you had to travel a lot, female employees can say she had a baby and hence was unemployed voluntarily.

    You can also say you wanted to do a short course that will help enhance your job prospects. The reasons should be valid regarding your break from work and you can mention it upfront.

    In your cover letter, you can mention the reason that you are now ready to resume work and hence you are applying for the advertised post.

    3. How to face these types of questions during the interview?

    You should be ready to face questions about why there is/are a gap(s) in your employment and most likely it can be the first question when the interviewer glances through your resume. Even if you have already addressed these gaps in your covering letter there are chances that still interviewer may wish to hear from you personally. You can start answering from the point that you have addressed in your covering letter.

    The logic behind asking is that the interviewer wishes to know when, why, and how you left your previous employer. They may be inquisitive to know what motivated you to leave your last job, as you can leave the present job if those conditions crop-up. They also like to know if you were fired or were asked to leave.

    Depending on your approach you can ask yourself few questions:

    What did you do during the gap period?

    What was the level of your success in the job that you have left?

    What was your track record after each gap?

    The situation differs from time to time but your answer should be as positive as possible. And your answers should have proper validation and justification in the eyes of the interviewer.


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