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Do you know why recruiters only choose targeted job applications?


  • Do you know why recruiters only choose targeted job applications?

    • Nov 13, 2017
    • by Admin

    Sending a biodata along with the application is a starting point for searching the job. Candidate after sending biodata hopes for a positive reply from the company. They wait . . and wait . . . and wait for the reply. This waiting can be quite frustrating. There are chances that after a long wait they may not get any reply.

    This is quite a familiar scenario with job applicants. Many candidates wonder what might have gone wrong with their job application. Why is company taking so long to put out the list of successful candidates? Many questions come to their mind. Did it reach the right person? Was my biodata misplaced by the company? Was my biodata overlooked or skipped by concerned staff? Etc.

    Application tracking system

    Many applicants think that their resume is tracked by applicant tracking system that is detail filled in computer software. And it filters out biodata according to certain set parameters.

    An applicant applied to many companies. None of the companies replied. His frustrations led him to search more and more hiring personnel. He sends a customized biodata to everyone on the list. He kept track of how many times he was viewed on social media, emails, and response for his job need. In total within three months period, he dispatched 500 jobs application. Unfortunately, it did not work.

    Do not apply in huge quantity

    Everyone knows that at the executive level, reference of someone plays a big role. Whatever level you apply for, giving biodata here and there and then waiting for a reply will not work.

    The main logic an applicant thinks that if he applies for many jobs. His probability of getting interview increases. But that is not the case. Apply to only selected companies. Tracking will be easier.

    Let’s think from the point of the recruiter. He gets an overwhelming number of applications every day. He has to sort it all out daily. And that’s why your biodata does not work out.

    There are many candidates who apply for umpteen positions. A study shows that they are likely to get a less positive response. Near to 39 percent less.

    It will be better if you identify the job. Write target application. Custom make your biodata.  Candidate should aim to make recruiter see why he is a great fit for the company.

    How to land the job?

    Everyone wants to stand out from the crowd. Here are few career tips to make you stand out in the crowd.

    1. Be honest: You can improve your chances of getting the job. Carefully check each job description before you apply for. Honestly, ask yourself. Are you qualified to do the job? Do you actually want to do this job?

    If there are a number of job openings in one company, choose the one or two that best fits you. When recruiter receives an application for more than one opening from a single candidate he feels you have not read the job description properly. And that is not good.

    2. Read job details before applying: Quality of your resume is more important than the numbers. One should pay more attention to draft a high quality of biodata. Read the job description carefully. See that you mention the skill sets you have. Pay close attention to application instructions. Last but not the least recheck before submitting.

    3. Stay organized: Candidate should approach their search with discipline. Set aside enough time to do your research in a systematic way.  Take one step at a time and keep track of all the applications you have sent.

    4. Always send a new resume: Always make a new biodata for each application. Your all biodata should not be the same. There should be variations in each depending on the job you are applying for. Focus on the points which best fits your prospective employer. Don’t copy and paste, the biodata which you last applied for. New biodata will make applying for jobs more convenient and the job application process will be smoother.


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