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Do you know importance of work-life balance for productivity?


  • Do you know importance of work-life balance for productivity?

    • Dec 07, 2017
    • by Admin

    Work-life balance is prioritization of today’s fast moving life. Work includes job, business, career and ambition. Here, life means lifestyle which includes family, friends, health and leisure.

    Most people have little time for their family, friends etc. They are so busy in their work that they are unable to maintain the balance between work and life.

    For working people, it is hard to balance time between their work and life. For a married couple, this becomes harder if both are working in different organizations and it is the hardest if they have kids.

    In most of the industries working for a long hour is equated working hard. But the industry fails to understand that working long hours does not necessarily improve productivity.

    If you do not have enough time for your family and friends. You have to respond to emails and calls at all hours of the day. Your company equates long working hours to work hard. These all indicate you are overworked.

    Now a day’s dividing line between personal life and work is getting thin because every employee is just a call away.

    Because of increasing technological advances like the internet, emails, WhatsApp etc. employee is expected to be in touch at all the time 24 x 7. This leads to stress, fatigue and lack of energy. This distorts the work-life balance too much.

    Because of the technological advances and availability of employees at all the hours does not necessarily result in greater efficiency. Conversely, it becomes counter-productively, that is the loss of output.

    In an article by Harvard Business Review, they have described overwork as the story of diminishing returns. Furthermore, it states that over work on increase meaningless tasks.

    Another study by Stanford University shows that employees’ output falls sharply when working for more than 50 hours a week. It is more than 8 hours a day, six days a week. If working for 55 hours output nosedives further.

    Here are few reasons how overwork affects productivity.

    1. Effect on health

    Overwork has a negative effect on one's overall health. It is accompanied by stress, frustration, and exhaustion. It affects sleep patterns which in turn disturbs the working the other day. Stress affects the loss of memory, increases heart diseases, and other disorders.

    These ailments have a negative effect on one’s physical and mental health. This forces employee to take sick leaves or a day off. All this has a negative effect on productivity.

    2. Effects interpersonal relations

    High-stress effects inter-personal relation with family members, friends along with neighbors and colleagues at work. Blood pressure increases. People get angry and lose their cool and become irritable.

    They get into arguments on the slight pretext. Thereby straining their relations at work and at home. They fail to maintain cordial relations with people around them. When cordial relations are not maintained they do not get any help from their colleagues, family, friends and neighbors.

    3. Effect on judgment

    Lack of sleep and work stress decreases the judgment taking capacity. Decision making becomes a problem. Deciding the best alternative from the given set of alternative becomes difficult. This reduced decision making capability. It affects the overall performance of the company especially if in senior positions. If the decision is wrong on the top, it percolates to the lower positions.

    4. Effect on perspective

    Stress diminishes true understanding of the relative importance of things in life and work. Which work/things should be completed on a priority basis and which work/things should be given less priority. It becomes difficult to set up priority order of work/things. One goes about in an un-orderly way in completing the tasks.

    Work is necessary, but over work is dangerous. It not only creates problem in balancing work life balance, but decreases productivity, increase in attrition rate and the overall working culture of the company.


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