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Are you best fit for a corporate job?


  • Are you best fit for a corporate job?

    • Dec 11, 2017
    • by Admin

    A few years back getting an MNC or big corporation job at the beginning of the career was considered an achievement by youngsters. Now things have changed a lot and so has people’s perceptions of the issue. To promote entrepreneur feeling in youth government of India flagged off Start-Up Action plan.

    Among youth, transitioning is seen from regular nine to five jobs to starting their own enterprise. Because business gives accelerated growth, youths are forgoing the stability factor one finds in the regular job. According to NCOM there are more than 32,000+ start-ups and are creating thousands and thousands of jobs. Young and bright IIT and IIM graduates are in the forefront.

    Just like any other fresh graduates, one needs to ask oneself whether he is ready to take the risk and start a new venture or join the corporate world.

    Here are some points where you can judge yourself whether you best fit in a corporate job or a start-up.

    1. Flexible pay

    Remuneration is the key differentiator between a start-up and corporate. Though, start-up provides flexible office hours and unique culture. But in some cases does not provide steady income and other benefits. If you have joined the start-up in the very early phase you may be offered a low salary package and a share in the company. If start-up regularly progresses to a good height then you can make a killing.

    In the corporate world, you will have a higher starting salary with the regular perks like bonus etc. But high progress path will not offer you any extra benefits. You will have a regular steady income, throughout your career in that company. You will have to adjust to their prevailing work culture and will be governed by rules and regulations of the corporate.

    2. Structured or unstructured setup

    In a corporate or established company work and responsibilities are clearly defined. In a start-up, employees are expected to fulfil many different roles. Corporate has a structure and have many people on their staff.  In a start-up, there are very fewer people in a team. Everyone is expected to give his best as things are at growing stage. There is no idea what one needs in his career in the long term.

    The corporate world may be more suitable for those who have chalked out their career path. You can choose your skill set which you wish to perform without additional responsibilities.

    3. Learning yourself or need a mentor

    In a start-up, boss and employees have virtually the same experience or maybe a bit more or a bit less. As soon as you join you are pushed into the leadership position without being mentored. You have to find your path relying on your experience and instinct.

    In a corporate, there will be a lot of spoon feeding (in form of training), in the initial life of your career.

    4. Pay package

    Are you risk taker? If yes then start-up will suit you. As you are building something from nothing. If the start-up receives regular funding from its sources then salaries will be paid and raised time to time. But if the start-up does not do well you will be out of a job. But, you being at the initial stage of your career, you can move on.

    In a corporate job, there is little or no risk as far as salary is concerned. Since corporate are being there for few years and have developed sufficient funds, they do not depend on any external source for funding. So if you are too dependent on your salary, a corporate job is better.

    You can choose between a start-up and corporate world on the basis of your future planning and current requirements.


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