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5 ways a higher degree can help fast track your career


  • 5 ways a higher degree can help fast track your career

    • Apr 05, 2018
    • by Admin

    People invest in stocks, reality, precious metals so as to increase their wealth but the best wealth creator is your investment in knowledge.

    There is a definite correlation which exists between a good education and career advancement of an employee. They both are interdependent on each other. Better the education, faster is the career progress and development throughout the life.

    There is a significant wage difference between people who have cleared their 12th or have a bachelor degree or having master degree. Though experience in the field counts. There is a vast difference in the rate of increment of salaries between each group. With each passing year, the gap is getting wider and wider.

    Even after joining a job if one keeps on adding certificates then he/she adds massive value to the career growth path. We hereby list few points how advance learning can boost your career:

     1. Chances of landing better job increases

    We are living in a global environment and the whole world is a job marketplace. Everyone is in competition for the job advertised. Technology has shrunk the world and internet is the part of it. From the comfort of our home, we can search and apply for jobs through the internet. At the same time, there are plenty of job opportunities available to the prospective employee. Advanced education gives you an edge over your competitors.

    2. Faster career advancement if already holding a job

    Hard work, consistency and results are the attributes of career advancement for those individuals who are already employed. And those who hold higher degree get to handle newer and complex responsibility which indirectly results in promotion ahead of the team.

    3. Opens up new and more doors of employment

    While studying for your graduation and post graduation there is more prominence in getting connecting with professional people. During these years you come in contact with many successful people in your field and outside. In some colleges and universities faculty help and show ways because of their industry contacts and their experience in the field. Many colleges motivate students to join internship. This opens up more doors to future employment.

    4. More and wider job opportunities

    Expanding into new horizons and specializing in the knowledge field helps you to develop knowledge and capabilities and is one of the best ways which open up new job opportunities. A higher and advanced degree makes you more adaptable to your professional life. At the same time, it increases your market value. So if you are looking for job or career change things will be handy.

    5. Earning potential and education are interrelated

    In certain sectors, a higher degree and a good experience help you draw a higher rate of pay and better position in the office. This higher starting position directly translates into heavier pay scale right from the beginning of the working life. Secondly, there is a sense of accomplishment and increased respect from the colleague, employer, and staff.

    If possible one can mix and match job and further studies. It can be studying in night college or distance education to increase knowledge, skill and being on to job without the fear of being jobless. Studying while working is tough but if you are committed nothing can stop you. "Where there is a will, there is a way".


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